Group Guidelines

General guidelines for the Windy City Business Network

Event Information

For the latest information, visit our Upcoming Events page and join our email list.

Member Qualifications

You must have the following qualifications to become a member:

  1. Be a business located in or around the Chicago area.
  2. Be a member of our LinkedIn group.
  3. Be a reputable business within our local community.
Promoting Group Members

Windy City Business Network will choose a few business members each month to feature on the group website or social media platforms. If your business has something newsworthy to report, please let a designated board member know and we will be sure to publish it on our group outlets.

Member Responsibilities

As a member of Windy City Business Network, we ask that you:

  1. Be the owner/co-owner or representative for your business.
  2. Pay yearly non-refundable dues on time when invoiced.
  3. Contribute to events and meetings in a manner that helps other members.
  4. Be courteous to other members within the group.
  5. Attempt to resolve a problem on your own if a problem arises.
  6. Bring problems to the attention of a designated board member if it cannot be resolved.
  7. Attend as many meetings and events as possible to get the most from the group.
  8. Be professional when working with any referrals that you receive within this group.
Meeting Guidelines

When attending monthly meetings and events, we ask that each member:

  1. Be punctual and arrive when meetings begin.
  2. Be prepared to introduce your company.
  3. Be prepared to give any referrals or to speak about referrals you have received.
  4. Bring plenty of business cards to share with guests or current members who may want to refer your business.
Membership Payments

New members will receive a discount code when they pay their yearly membership dues to cover the costs of their event tickets. Current members will be invoiced on their anniversary date for their yearly membership dues.

Payments will be processed using the membership portal.

Membership dues cover the following:

  1. Operational costs for meeting location.
  2. Included food at each of the meetings/events.
  3. Entry fee to monthly social networking event.
  4. Cocktails at monthly social networking event.
  5. Promotional/advertising costs throughout the year featuring your business.

Membership dues are non-refundable.

Meeting & Event Agenda

The agenda for upcoming meetings and events will be published on the upcoming events page.

Social Networking Events

We hold monthly social networking events for both members and non-members to attend. The location, dates, and times will change for each event, and can be found on the upcoming events page.

We ask that members:

  1. Be responsible and professional during the event as alcohol may be served.
  2. Converse with non-members to gain business, and to promote our group.
  3. Do not promote or recruit for other networking groups.
  4. Bring plenty of business cards in order to facilitate gaining new business.
Removal of Membership

Members will be removed from the group if:

  1. A problem arises between group members that cannot be resolved and affects the group from functioning in a professional manner.
  2. Intoxication becomes an issue at a social networking event.
  3. Membership dues paid by check bounce and it is not resolved by the following month.


– Windy City Business Network Board