Frequently Asked Questions

General guidelines for referral groups, and common questions (FAQ) about Windy City Business Network

What makes Windy City Business Network different than other referral groups?

We focus on making sure that each and every member gets referrals throughout the month by focusing on a few members at a time. Referrals are welcome for anyone in the group, but specific attention is paid to a rotating group of businesses by putting a focus on a few members each month.

What is a referral group?

A referral group is made up of businesses that focus on providing quality referrals to each other. The goal of is to bring together like-minded business owners who are professional, creative, focused, and fun individuals: who will help to grow fellow businesses through the exchange of business contacts. Windy City Business Network will also bring in industry experts as speakers once per quarter to discuss specific topics that can help grow your business.

What is the process of becoming a member?

A non-member should attend a meeting to check out the group before applying. Non-members will then complete an application on our website. Once approved, the new member will pay their yearly membership dues and attend their next meeting as a member.

How much is it to be a paid member?

Most events are around $25 and do not require a membership. For full membership and included benefits, the yearly cost is $399 per member, which includes all event tickets (free event registration).

What does my yearly membership fee include?

Your yearly membership pays for all operational costs for meetings and monthly networking events.

What events does my membership cover?

Your membership includes networking events at our other Chicagoland networking groups, which is a HUGE benefit.

What is expected of me as a member of Windy City Business Network?

We would like you to attend the networking events. Members who contribute and attend regularly will get the most from the group. We ask that you pass on qualified leads to other group members whenever possible.

When / where are the monthly meetings located?

For the latest meeting information, visit our Upcoming Events page and follow us on Facebook.

Can I be a guest speaker at a group meeting?

Absolutely! We welcome members as well as non-members to give a talk to the group. If you have engaging content that is geared towards entrepreneurs and local business professionals, you can apply to become a guest speaker. We will then reach out to learn more about your topic to be sure that it is beneficial for the group. If a good fit, we will market and promote your talk so you can focus on the presentation, and we will fill seats with engaged local professionals. Previous speakers have seen great results following their talk, so reach out today to get started.

What are the details of the monthly networking events?

Monthly networking event tickets are included with all paid memberships. The public is also notified of the event in order to attract new members and to allow for more networking opportunities outside of the group. Dates and details of each event will be determined by group members during meetings.

Are memberships restricted to one business per business category?

Memberships are not restricted to only one member per category of business, to encourage members to participate in group events and meetings. The more active a member, the more referrals can be generated by building relationships. Additionally, we have seen collaboration and brainstorming among members of a particular business category lead to successful partnerships.

What can you expect to receive from Windy City Business Network?

You can expect a structure that allows each member of the group to learn and grow their business in a trusting environment. You can expect to grow as a business owner and to become a respected business within our local community. We will give you the tools for success and help through various business services provided by other group members. Members of our group are genuinely interested in helping other members grow their businesses and become more profitable.